Sunday, September 3, 2017

Summer 2017 Season - Champions Announced, Finals Pictures Posted!

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Division Write-ups!

3/4 Division!

The Red Ninjas, composed of players from Vienna and Tysons, ended the 2017 summer season undefeated and won the championship in the Little Legends 3-4 grade division. Led by several highly skilled, tenacious guards and patient, sweet-shooting low-post players, the team consistently played beautiful, unselfish basketball – rare at this age group -- with the ball moving constantly in sharp passes. To the delight of parents in attendance, the Red Ninjas also displayed throughout the season a wide variety of fundamental plays that are more commonly seen in older-age groups, such as pick-and-roll, give-and-go, eurosteps, ball fakes, and passing out of a double team. And they all enthusiastically cheered for their teammates’ success.

It was a uniquely talented group with solid chemistry. I am very proud to have been the coach of this team.
Go Red!

5/6 Division!

This summer was a great summer for Strap City. These boys took their game to another level.As a coach, I couldn't have been happier. Practices were intense and it showed when we played because the chemistry was there. They really wanted to win and played every game like it was the last game. Strap City lived up to there name.

7/8 Division!

I couldn't be prouder of these boys! They played hard, worked together, and supported one another during every game. Teamwork, not individual stats, was most important to them and that was evident in our championship game, too. We expected a tough game given our last meeting with this opponent went into OT and ended in a tie. The boys practiced hard and prepared themselves well. Their hard work was rewarded with a victory and a stat sheet that showed everyone contributed to the win. 703 Elite went out as champs to top off an amazing summer season!

High School Division!

While The Big Ballers bench was light in the beginning of the season, there was almost a full squad for the playoff games.  Under the direction of Coach TJ Walter this season, the team squeezed out another playoff victory with only one loss in the season (who they will rematch this fall!).  The Big Ballers came out for the playoff game with a win on their minds but a smile on their faces because they have so much fun on the court playing with their teammates.  Many of these boys have been playing with Legends for 5 years! Everyone played hard on the court and it helped that Sean Kelly racked up the points on the board with 23 followed by Jacob Best with 9 and Ryan Plott adding his 7.   Better keep an eye on this team in the fall!

Fav Shots!

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