Sunday, July 16, 2017

Spring 2017 Season - Champions Announced, Finals Pictures Posted!


See all the Finals pictures here (over 500!): 

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Champion Teams Summary! 

3/4 Division - McClean Carey Cheeseballs

As with all coach Carey teams, it is about the team.  Multiple trapping defenses, fast break outlet passes and one more pass to hit the open man.  The Warriors were clearly monitoring these boys as they came up with their Championship strategy.
·         Colin driving left all the way to the hoop, Josh intercepting passes and pressuring the defense, Marcus spotting up and draining the jumpers, Finny trying to score anyway he can… even on the other teams basket.  Muffin clogging the elbow, Aaron wiping the boards, Jack's ferocious speed & tenacity, and William doing it all.  A team that loves playing ball and cheers for their teammates. 
·         Elbows in Cheesballs!

5/6 A Division - Strap City! 

This was a very good season for Strap City. We played together as a team, we practiced hard, and most importantly we leaned on each other. The Strap City boys wanted to be more than good, they wanted to be great. They pushed each other and made our job as coaches easier. From the coaches, parents, and other supporters...we are very proud of these boys and what they accomplished.

5/6 B Division - Team Diego!

7/8 Division - Team Boo!

After the first few games, it became clear that I had a couple of guards who could control the tempo and knew when to push and when to slow it up.  It also became clear that it would be a sacrifice for the whole team to share the limited minutes of available playing time because of a deep ten man roster.  With each game, as the boys started to gel together and figure out each other’s spots, our ball movement and defensive help rotations really started improving, but everyone’s dissatisfaction of playing time started to grow, too.  We were winning, but could we keep focused on the team, rather than the individual stats?

The answer was YES.  Solid ball security, good ball movement, and nice outside shooting on offense and stingy, aggressive man to man defense had us roll through the Semi and Final with our two best team performances.

All of my boys were contributors this season, but I need to mention some outstanding play:
Jack E. - As the primary ball handler, he does not turn the ball over.  Very key to our success.  His patience in half-court offense and good outside touch made it tough for the other team’s zone defenses to defend us.
Luke –  If we had to choose a MVP for our team, it would be Luke.  High motor, high basketball IQ, and a vocal leader on the court. 
Rayan – High motor, probably our most tenacious defender.  He took it upon himself to try to stop the opposing team’s strongest player.
Zach – Our most prolific scorer.  Good hands, footwork, nice off ball movement, with a deadly outside touch.
Kyle, Jake R., Jake C, Michael, Jeremy and Jack F. round out the roster.  Each player had a role in our success.

Great season!

Coach Boo

8 Division - Falls Church Bullets!

9/10 A Division - Lil Outlawz!

Lil' Outlawz went Undefeated this season 9-0 and it was great journey to the Championship but it all started on the defense side ! Every game someone different impacted the game for us to prevail and truely was a team effort ! Ben,tommy,Charlie,Luke,Steven,zorah,Johnathan,zach&grey are a special group of talented young man Congratulation your HARDWORK Payed off but this is only the beginning Keep Working Fellas and special thanks to my brother for helping me  Coach Montel

9/10 B Division - Sniper Gang!

Some Favorite Finals Shots! 

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